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Welcome to Best Yoga DVD where we offer Reviews and suggest the top Hatha, Vinysa, beginners, Iyengar and prenatal yoga DVDs for all your fitness needs.  

We searched for the best Yoga DVD in the most wanted categories and make our recommendations on a number of factors – chiefly a comparison  of the overall quality review satisfaction level. Here are the DVDs we think will benefit not only you body exercise but your heart and spirit.  The main aspect of yoga are presented here remembering that yoga is much more than just body exercises.  Eg. Our top ‘spiritual pick” is a must see for any serious yoga practitioner.   Here are your best yoga DVD choices for winter 2011.  Please click any of the links to get learn more and get your yoga practice going now.

Best Choices for  Beginner Yoga DVDs

To start your yoga practise the favorite of the Beginner Yoga DVDs is Yoga For Beginners.  This is a classic Hatha Yoga DVD in that in combines active and receptive states, known as Sun yoga and moon yoga.  The sun salutations are a well know series of poses you will enjoy knowing and will put you in good stead if you attend a yoga studio anywhere.  You will learn all the basic yoga poses and you will feel like you are in your own home yoga studio with a personal yoga instructor. This is a well regarded and highly rated yoga for beginners DVD.    You will feel good about all the basic yoga poses and will feel confident about your self if you go to a yoga class at a studio because you will have a good comprehension of the basis yoga postures and positions.

This Yoga for Beginners DVD is an Excellent Choice. 

This is one of the yoga exercise DVDs we know will help bring your fitness level up and also help you to trim up. Our top choice is Fat Free Yoga
 that instructs you how to lose weight with Ana Brett & Ravi Singh that promises to leave you feeling great.    You will learn all the main yoga poses from this well know yoga instructor who has been teaching yoga and giving classes for many years.

Excellent New Yoga Vinyasa Flow DVD

We really like the variety of workouts in Shiva Rea’s Daily Energy Yoga DVD - Vinyasa Flow Yoga program. It is one video you will find new inspiration with every time you put it in the machine.  Vinyasa Yoga is a very popular form of Yoga today and is rooted in the tradition of yoga breathing.  The breath is closely incorporated into the movement between and during the yoga exercise poses.  This video will surely help improve your yoga practice.

The Yoga DVD For Stress Relief Pick 

Many go to yoga retreats when they have more time to relieve stress but if you are pressed for time and can not attend a yoga retreat and want instruction at home on DVD then Yoga for Stress Relief with The Dalai Lama is a great yoga class on DVD for you. 

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Flow Top Pick

The Yoga DVD we recommend is Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga with Sadie Nardini for Weight Loss and Total Body Transformation.  This is a Vinyasa yoga DVD that gives good core strength concentrating on the poses that engage the core group of muscles.  The Vinyasa incorporates yoga breathing so that there is good oxygen flow to the muscles and the Vinyasa yoga  breathing also means their is a good spiritual benefit as with any of the yoga styles done properly.

Get Motivated with this Hatha Yoga Beginners Combo

A Yoga DVD that appeals to many because they feel the DVD is accessible is The Biggest Loser: The Workout -  Weight Loss Yoga.  A little power yoga with some hatha yoga and a good sweat from this exercise DVD that leans a bit more towards a workout DVD but if you want to get in shape and like the TV show then this is one of the yoga DVDs for you.

One should have some yoga experience before using this DVD as it is not a beginners DVD but is excellent for those that have been doing yoga for a minimum of 8 months.

Top Pick for Yoga Spiritual Content

A highly praised film on the authentic Yoga Path shot in the Himalayas this yoga film is called Personal Time with Swami-ji.

There is simply nothing better anywhere on Yoga than this – the film does not have any asanas or body poses in it but you will get the best “feel” for what yoga is all about from this rare individual who is the last of the authentic Himalayan Yogis.  Unlike any yoga studio teacher Swami Ji comes from the heart of the tradition and any serious student or yoga teacher would benefit from this personal time with Swami-ji.

It’s available at

Best Prenatal Yoga DVDs

The now classic Yoga DVD available for pregnant women Prenatal Yoga
 is a sure and great pick for expecting women.    Shiva Rea uses the classic Hatha poses which keep the body in an active and receptive (sun moon yoga balance) with classical yoga breathing.  Naturally pregnant women know the benefits of breathing for birth and this is one of the yoga DVDs that has shows what the postures look like when done during pregnancy as the women in the DVD are pregnant themselves.    Highly recommended for those mothers to be wishing to get the full benefits of yoga and want to give their baby the best start.

All Fitness Level Hatha Yoga Top Pick

We like Yoga For Every Body (With Over 35 Routines) with J.J. Gorrmley because of the variety of types of yoga exercises it offers and it holds the interest level of those doing the practices.   No need to worry about if you should choose a  Hatha Yoga DVD or one of the Vinyasa Yoga DVDs, this Instructor teachers the essentials of yoga so all you need is a yoga mat and this video to feel you you are attending different yoga classes with each choice of routines.  You will find the routine that agrees the most with you and when that happens it is easy to do your exercises.

An Iyengar Yoga DVD for Every Serious Yoga Library

By far the best Yoga DVD in it’s class is Iyengar Yoga With Gabriella.  It is not really for beginners but for those with experience.   This Iyengar yoga DVD is from one of the best regarded teachers of yoga.  On the advanced side, this yoga DVD is a must have for any serious student or teacher of yoga.

Additional Thoughts on Buying Yoga DVDs

Although sales rankings, online reviews, and pretty pictures on the cases reveal valuable information about yoga DVD’s the final factor in choosing the best Yoga DVD for your self is your intuition.  In order to find the best yoga DVD, you must find the one that satisfies your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  Yoga strengthen and stretches your muscles, calms and centers you, and puts you in harmony with your world and your universe.  If your current yoga DVD does not go three-for-three against these criteria, you have not found what Yoga really offers.   It makes no difference on the yoga style, from Ashtanga to Iyengar or Vinyasa what matters is the most. 

Why no Power Yoga DVD Here?

 We find that people can over do their workout with Power Yoga and that the chance of injury is too high for home DVD use.   In our opinion and in many other yoga teachers view, power yoga has developed around exercise and workout clubs whose members often demand a more vigorous workout.   Yoga’s traditions come from balance and the idea of leading a balanced life, hence the 500 plus year tradition of Hatha Yoga.   If one is using a power Yoga DVD at home then one cannot easily gauge one’s own condition, where if a certified yoga instructor is leading the class there is less chance of injury from the power yoga practice.

 The Right Yoga DVD Motivates you to go Beyond the Poses.

You respect, admire, and like your yoga teacher.  S/he keeps your yoga poses interesting, engaging, and fun; never discount or dismiss the importance of “the fun factor,” because if you are not having fun, you quickly will give up your yoga practice.  It often contain between seven and ten yoga routines (though some more), all of which match your level of skill and endurance, yet you always feel challenged as you progress through the asanas.  The series seems to grow in rhythm and harmony with your increasing proficiency.  The video has good production values as well as good content: the camera work helps you understand instruction and learn difficult poses.  If the video includes other people practicing along with the yoga teacher, you easily can find a few people with whom you identify.  The teacher’s voice and demeanor encourage you to keep practicing; and the videos setting and music make you feel comfortable.  Most of all, a great yoga class on DVD leaves you feeling both satisfied and eager for tomorrow’s practice.  You always should complete a practice feeling just a little bit hungry for more.

The best Yoga DVD builds your fitness and complements your other workout conditioning.  Yoga builds your strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina, but fitness experts grudgingly concede that certain slower more meditative styles do not number among the world’s most powerful and efficient fat-burners.  Many a yoga DVD have been tailored so the exercises burn the most calories for weight loss.  There is a great Yoga DVD for every one.

More on Your Yoga DVD Practice

Yoga presented right on a great Yoga DVD quickens your spirit.  A yoga practice must balance physical fitness with your psychological, emotional, and spiritual growth.  No high-quality yoga DVD ever would neglect yoga’s profound philosophy, because your strength emanates from the center and the depths of your being.  Of course, physical strength helps you feel empowered to face your life’s challenges; but the most effective yoga practice helps you become more patient, more tolerant, more forgiving, and generally more willing to accept people and circumstances as they are, acknowledging that each and all have a place in the world’s constantly unfolding scheme.  The most effective yoga practice also helps you feel calm, composed, at peace, and resolved.  A truly productive practice will help you reconcile contradictions, examine people and problems from different vantages, and restore all your life’s conflicting elements to their proper proportions and priorities.

The best yoga DVD helps you look and perform your best.  But far more importantly, it is the one that always makes you feel absolutely wonderful.

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